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In Organic Agri India Expo & Summit 2018 expected more than 1, 50,000 footfalls. We have confirmed visitors base of 25,000 Distributors, Dealers, Wholesalers & Retailers. Approx 50,000 Distributors, Dealers, Business Persons and big farmers will be personally invited to visit the Organic Agri Expo Summit 2018.

1. Seed Manufacturer
2. Organic Fertilizer manufacturer
3. City Compost manufacturer
4. Vermi compost manufacturer
5. Zyme manufacturer
6. Organic liquid (spray) manufacturer
7. Organic Plant growing liquid manufacturer
8. Small agricultural machineries manufacturer
9. Small agriculture equipments manufacturer
10. Harvesting Technology


Farmers Scientists National and International Delegations From Universities
Distributors Agri Research Units CEO’s & Senior Managers of Indian Companies
Dealers Corporations Central Government Agencies Department
Wholesalers Horticulturists. State Government Agencies Department
Retailers Floriculturists CEO’s & Senior Managers of MNC
Agriprenuers Agro Industry Bankers and Financial Institutes
Consultants Agricultural Department Industry Expert
Youngsters Marketing Professionals Media Persons


Seed Expo Specialized Expo for Seeds.
Plant growing & Agro Chemistry Expo Specialized Expo for plant growing.
Machinery Expo Specialized Expo for agricul.
Organic items Expo Specialized Expo for Seeds.

Activities during Organic Agri Expo Summit 2018

Time:- 10 AM TO 7 PM 27 Hours Business Times
Display Area 42 x 75 Sq. Mtr. More than 33,000 Sq. ft.
Total Exhibition Area More than 28,000 Sq. ft.
No. of Exhibitors More than 150
No. of Footfalls Expected more than 1,50,000 footfalls
No. of Visitors Confirmed visitors base of 25,000Distributors, Dealers, Wholesalers & Retailers
Promotions 70 Districts (Bihar, Jharkhand & Eastern UP)
Activities Seminars, Round Table Meeting etc.

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