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Welcome to CONFERENCE 2018

Marketing Plan:

1. Advertisement by Print Media Advertisement in all agriculture related magazines and also in news papers will be published regularly before one month of the Organic Agri Expo Summit 2018.

2. Advertisement by Electronic Media Advertisement on TV Channels will be given regularly, a month in advance of the Organic Agri Expo Summit 2018.

3. Personal Invitation Approx 50,000 Distributors, Dealers, Business Persons and big farmers will be personally invited to visit the Organic Agri Expo Summit 2018.

4. E-Mail Marketing E-mail will deliver to approx Two Lack persons related to Agriculture field.
5. Social Media and online Marketing

Stage Shows, Conference & Seminars:-

Here we will present the new information about the latest technologies with modern & trendy setups / equipments which are now in use in agriculture sector specially for farmers and all stakeholders in all over the India.

The Great sponsors